About Re-beds

Regenerating man

The night is a time for regeneration. During the day, our spine gets stressed and the spinal disks lose their uidity. A pressure relieving sleep lets the spine disks regenerate and once again attain their functionality. We choose mattresses made from 100% natural latex in order to secure this.

Due to the elasticity and exibility of the material, the mattresses provide exceptional orthopaedic support, without compromising any other vital aspects of a good night sleep.

During sleep we lose up to 750 ml of moisture. Because of the open pore structure in 100 %natural latex, the mattress is able to absorb this moisture and release it again. This natural system of ventilation provides a stable body temperature, hence the body is free from sweating and able to cool down.


Re-beds sengen produceres på egen fabrik i Danmark

About Re-beds

The sustainable bed is more than just a dream

Re is a rethinking of sleep - motivated by a responsible approach to bed production from the expert
manufacturer Akva Waterbeds in Denmark.

Akva Waterbeds was founded in 1981. In the year 2000 the company was the first manufacturer of waterbeds to introduce certified environmentally friendly water mattresses. Seventeen years of experience, using certified raw materials have been put into the making of Re beds.

Most of the production process takes place at the Akva Waterbeds factory in Ry, Denmark. The honest approach to high quality products is very important to Re, and that is why you are always welcome
to visit the Re showroom, within the factory.