A pure sleep

The night is the time for restoration and regeneration. During the day, we are burdening our body with stress - especially the spine is exposed. At a pressure-resting sleep the spine regenerates. It will prepare you for a new day without pain. That's why we choose mattresses of 100% natural latex.

Every single bed from Re® is handmade at our factory in Ry, Denmark. The beds from Re® are designed with inspiration from the Nordic nature.

The frame itself is built of FSC certified wood. 26 transverse slats ensure an ergonomically correct lying position, so you will wake up every morning optimally rested. The bed is lined with organic cotton and upholstered with pure Belgian linen.

Especially for children sleep is essential. Neither the bones nor the immune system are fully developed, and physical fragility makes children particularly dependent on proper support.

The ideal is a mattress that provides support for the whole body without exposing it to toxic materials. That's why a 100% natural latex mattress is the best choice.