Baby Mattress Classic


the ecolabeled baby mattress by re 

Sleep is particularly important to children. Neither bones nor immune system are fully developed, and this frailty makes the mattress particularly important. 



  • Open cell structure and, thus, suitable for allergy sufferers

  • Removable and washable organic-cotton cover

  • 10-year guarantee on dimensional stability

  • Eco-certified baby mattress


60 x 100 · 70 x 140

8 cm height



100% Natrual latex

The baby mattress consists of 100% natural latex. This material distributes pressure evenly along the body of the child but is different from conventional solutions in that it recreates the environment from which the child came – nature. The eco-certified baby mattress contains no chemical substances and, therefore, contributes to ensuring that the environment closest to the child during its first years is a pure environment. 



The cover is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. The fibres of this material are soft and therefore well-suited as a base for skin. This unprocessed material has a ventilating capacity which prevents the accumulation of dust mites and, thus, produces a particularly nonallergenic mattress.