The world around us changes, but our craftsmanship does not.
At our factory in the Danish Lake Highlands, each bed is made using classic techniques of the trade. We pride ourselves on manufacturing a piece of furniture of such great importance as the bed. For this reason, we take great pains over the process and consider slow progress a valuable aspect of our work. From sorting to processing – every detail holds value and ultimately contributes to the basis of a good night’s sleep.




Our bed frames are made from Nordic wood of finest quality. In our workshop, the wood is processed, which involves planning, milling, sawing, drilling and polishing before it is finally finished by our meticulous joiners. 



Every detail matters. The frame is padded with cotton before it is carefully upholstered in linen. This process is extremely demanding as the natural materials lack the same strength that conventional textiles have. This challenge can only be met by long-standing experience, which is why our factory employs some of Denmark’s best master upholsterers. 



Our mattress covers are made in our sewing sheds. Precision is here the determining factor in ensuring that the organic cotton is tightly fitted around the mattress and forms a beautiful, protective surface. 



A mattress should not be made to standard measurements but should rather be tailored to the individual body. In other words, a bed should be tailor-made which is why we both cut the natural latex and glue it with our purpose-made, eco-certified glue.