Mattress Topper Classic


the ecolabeled topper by Re

A good mattress topper may greatly influence your sleep. It is certain to increase the lifespan of your bed and may often transform the quality. An eco-certified mattress topper from Re consists of 100% natural latex. You may use it on top of your existing Re mattress or use it to improve the quality of other bases. 



  • Open cell structure and, thus, suitable for allergy sufferers

  • Removable and washable organic-cotton cover

  • 10-year guarantee on dimensional stability

  • Pressure-relieving due to its high density


Available in all sizes

4 cm height



100% Natrual latex

Our natural latex is tapped from the South-East Asian rubber trees, Hevea Brasiliensis. The excretion of the white, milky substance protects the tree from bacteria and, at the same time, forms the basis of an exceptional sleep comfort. The milk is poured into moulds and baked at 100⁰C. This so-called vulcanisation process converts the molecular structure of the rubber to a stabile three-dimensional lattice – a Re mattress made from eco-certified natural latex. 



The cover is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. The fibres of this material are soft and therefore well-suited as a base for skin. This unprocessed material has a ventilating capacity which prevents the accumulation of dust mites and, thus, produces a particularly nonallergenic mattress.