Sleep as Scandinavian design

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Sleep - a bodily state from where you turn to complete rest. It is a place for recovery, a place without any uproar other than an occasional dream. Only you, your bed and a mattress. Or so it should be. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten the meaning of sleep. What used to be a sacred place, has been substituted by electronic disturbances and elevation systems - all of which entice people to do anything else but to sleep. As a counteraction, Re wishes to give people back their sleep. Sleep materialised in Scandinavian design - or Scandinavian beds to be exact.

The temptation of electronics disrupts the sleep

Today, busy lifestyles have overtaken sleep, which means that we now sleep less than we used to. Unfortunately, the bed industry supports this development by offering beds that encourages other activities than sleeping while lying in your bed. The elevation bed, for instance, is an obvious example. A bed from where you can adjust your position to watch television, work or even eat your dinner. In other words, do anything else but sleep.

A built-in charger for your phone is another example. Through that function, your tablet or phone never runs out of battery while checking your e-mails or social media - which most people do as the last thing before they go to sleep and as the first thing when they wake up. No fingers pointed – that is simply the reality we live in. 

The bed industry is tapping into people’s constant need of connectivity and availability, but are thereby, ironically, betraying the most fundamental gift of sleep - a redeeming state of being. So, what is then the proper solution?

Bedrooms should be sacred

In an ideal world, the entire bedroom should be sacred. No light, no television, no phone or other electronic devices luring our minds away from sleep. Being realistic, we know that this is most likely not going to happen - but we intend to emphasise the ideal sleeping environment. 

Imagine a bedroom where your only focus is to sleep. Not to check your phone or speculate on which movie is showing in the television. The only thing you need to do is listen to your own breath and find a calm within. Suddenly the bed becomes a place where sleep is protected, a place of quiet where deep rest actually becomes an option. 

A Scandinavian design as simple as sleep should be

Sleep is yours to manage. Whether you need 6 or 9 hours of sleep every night is specific to each person. However, we wish to change your view on sleep. That is why our beds are designed as an aesthetic tribute to sleep, a piece of furniture whose ascetic qualities are meant to be as simple as sleep it itself. 

Behind the bed designs of Re, is the Danish design duo Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh. Their designs are carried by certain simplicity, a choice made in order to capture the actual essence of sleep. Emphasised is the asceticism as well as the subtle rounded edges, whose shapes are inspired by the circular process of sleep and by the principle of restitution. 

This principal must never be forgotten when we talk about sleep, and so restitution becomes the basis of our decision to focus on natural and sustainable materials. This idea is based on the notion that only a body untouched by chemical substances and relieved from physical pain, is a body at rest. 

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