Sleep is a place of rest
– and that is how it should stay. However, in a world where everything is in progress, even the bed industry has forgotten the importance of the night-time and reduced it to a simple condition for the day. We are told over and over that ’We need to sleep well in order to live well’ while having slowly forgotten the value of sleep itself. We created Re in an attempt to challenge this trend, in an attempt to identify the essence of the bed and to give you back sleep.



The calm

Sleeping is a choice but one which, today, we have chosen to let go of. We have forgotten the meaning of the good sleep and the night-time is now threatened by the restlessness of the waking hours. Re considers the bed a possible place of redemption, a quiet refuge. We want it to be a place where you are offline and insist that only a body, which is untouched by chemical substances and relieved from physical pain, is a body at rest.


The Asceticism

Re wants to remove everything that does not add value to the bed. Our thinking is directly focused towards purpose, which is underlined in our design and choice of materials. Consequently, we promise that the selection and manufacture conforms to the strictest quality standards. We offer neither elevation nor digital sleep monitoring devices, but classical beds designed with the idea of beautiful silence. They are carried by their clean lines – as simple as sleep itself.


The Honesty

We keep no secrets as we have nothing to hide. Visit our factory located in the Danish Lake Highlands if you want to see how your bed is made. We promise you a bed manufactured from pure, natural materials, a bed which limits the marks left on both body and nature – we are certified accordingly.


The Craft

We want to be part of a world driven by quality and not by consumption. For this reason, good craftmanship is a point of honour to us and we try to create beds that are more durable than the common run. A bed is only a good bed if its pressure relief and breathability remains intact throughout its lifespan. And, although this means that we will not meet again as soon as otherwise, we know that you will be sleeping well in the meantime.